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Alan and Zoe Tennyson make bread from their home in Cross Mahon Bandon Co. Cork. They specialise in organic spelt and wheat breads sourcing local organic produce where possible. Our wholemeal spelt breads are made with Ballybrado flour, the only Irish producer of organic flours. We hope to add further organic breads as we continue to source producers.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bread Making Course

Day 1 The Fundamentals of Yeast Bread

Sunday 18th October 2009 11am to 3pm

Fionnuisce, Bandon

Group Size: 6 and perhaps 2 kids (over 8yrs)

On our first day we will begin by looking at the Bakers formula and getting the balance of flour, water, yeast and salt just right.

Once we have our quantities right we will get stuck in. The plan is for participants to take their basic dough in four different directions.

Loaf 1:

Oaty Wholemeal

Loaf 2:

Seeded Loaf

Loaf 3:

Buttermilk loaf

Loaf 4:

Wholemeal loaf

Now comes the kneading!

Once we have the dough, beautiful soft and elastic it will be ready to prove. This will give us a window to make our soup and cover some other important topics related to the humble loaf. Including some options to improve our bread further (sourdough, old dough and fresh yeast).

Our dough is now ready to knock back and shape. Handling dough at this stage is one of the biggest pleasure to making your own bread. It soft, warm and literally alive. Once shaped our loaves are now ready for their second proving.

We will use this time to have a look at some cook books which light the way in terms of further study;

Whitley, A. (2009) Bread Matters Why and How to Make your own. Fourth Estate. London.

Stevens, D. (2009) Bread River Cottage Handbook No.3. Bloombury. London.

Having had their last meal, our little yeast spores are ready for the oven.

While our bread is baking we will have time to absorb the beautiful smell and explore some of the factors related to the mass production of bread.

Finally we can enjoy some soup (we will be having something fresh, seasonal and as local as possible) and fresh bread together. We will have other fresh bread there, since you may want to bring home a complete loaf.

Our aim is to support the sharing of skills and knowledge about traditional methods of cookings. For this reason we have kept our prices as low possible.

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  1. I'm looking for a course on sourdough bread making with starter etc...with different flour like rye,chesnut...a little bit like french do ?
    Any meeting soon,i'm living in clonmel,but my wife and parents in law are from bandon...hope to hear from you soon...Mieszko