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Alan and Zoe Tennyson make bread from their home in Cross Mahon Bandon Co. Cork. They specialise in organic spelt and wheat breads sourcing local organic produce where possible. Our wholemeal spelt breads are made with Ballybrado flour, the only Irish producer of organic flours. We hope to add further organic breads as we continue to source producers.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Caramelised Onions

If the simple things in life are the best then caramelised onions are firmly in that camp. I even feel they would convert my lachanophobia suffering brother Ian. Truth is stranger than fiction and the truth is that lachanophobia is an irrational fear of vegetables! Ian's condition is so severe that one Christmas he 'lost the head' with me for putting onions in the potato crochets,

“You ruined Christmas , you bollocks!”

to quote him exactly.

Not only can this recipe heal the sick is it also cheap as chips and provides a neat way to preserve a glut of onions.


1kg white onions

150g granulated sugar


The down size of this recipe is the chopping. But a good sharp knife, a large and stable chopping board and a little Alexey Stakhanov organisation can make the whole thing less of a ordeal. For this recipe we want our onions in slices rather that diced. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Eyc4AAF1zo so follow this guys instructions up until the point he goes to dice it, and slice it instead! If you want to cry less, don't chop into the root.

Tip the sliced onion into a large heavy sauce pan and toss the onions in your sugar. Now on a low heat gently simmer the onions for approximately 45 minutes. When they are done they will be a nice golden brown colour. That's it!

They never last long enough in our house to say firmly how long they will last. But given that they are a jammy consistency I am guessing they will have good properties of preservation.